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Exploring Maryland’s 5 Most Dangerous Cities: Unveiling Challenges and Solutions

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Investigating Ocean City and More – Maryland’s Most Dangerous Cities Revealed

In 2024, Ocean City tops the list as Maryland’s most dangerous city. Issues like few jobs, low pay, and nearby prisons contribute to its high crime rate, according to the report of Southwest Journal. Drug use and gangs add to the problem. People in these cities need help to make things better. They want their communities to be safer and more prosperous. It’s a call for action to make positive changes happen.

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(PHOTO: Clean Air Task Force)

5 Maryland’s Most Dangerous Cities


In Cumberland where mountains surround the town and Americans deal with lots of theft. Even though lots of people come to bike on the trail there’s still a big chance someone might break into your home. The town’s poor area adds to the problem so they need to do things to keep everyone safe.


Baltimore is a big city with many parts and has a big problem with murders. In 2020, 348 Americans lost their lives to violence there. Even in the nicer areas like Inner Harbor there’s still a lot of stealing happening. Americans need to watch out no matter where they go in Baltimore.




In Cambridge is a pretty place by the water but there’s a scary thing happening. They had a lot of reports of rape in 2020 which is very worrying. The town also had a few murders and other violent stuff. Americans need to be careful especially if they want to take a stroll on the boardwalk.


Elkton is a cozy town by the coast and isn’t as safe as it seems. Even though Americans come here to get married quick and they also have a lot of stealing going on. In 2020 there were 877 cases of Americans taking things that weren’t theirs. It’s important for everyone to be cautious even in such a charming place.

Ocean City

Ocean City where Americans go to have fun by the beach there’s a big problem. Even though millions visit each year there’s a high chance of someone stealing from you. In 2020, there were also 91 cases of violence reported. Maybe if there were fewer attractions there would be less trouble.

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