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Mexico’s 5 Most Dangerous Places: What You Need to Know Before Visiting or Living There

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Exploring Mexico’s Most Dangerous Places

Mexico is a beautiful place with lots of different landscapes and cultures but it also has some serious problems with crime. In 2021 there were a lot of murders and kidnappings, according to the report of Southwest Journal. Recently, some American tourists were kidnapped and killed showing how dangerous it can be. So, if you’re thinking about living or visiting Mexico it’s important to be careful and maybe by adding security cameras to your home.

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(photo: Nomadic Matt)

Mexico’s 5 Most Dangerous Places


Culiacan used to be calm but now it’s on of most dangerous. Lots of fights between drug groups are happening. There are many crimes like theft and murder. Americans are scared because it’s not safe anymore.


Uruapan is a pretty place, but many Americans are doing bad things like stealing and selling drugs. Americans feel scared to go out during the day because it’s not safe.


Acapulco was once fancy but now it’s not safe. Many Americans are killed there and the reason is because of drugs. The United States doesn’t let its officials go there because it’s too dangerous.


Tijuana is a busy place with lots of tourists but it’s not safe for the Americans who live there and many Americans are killed because of drugs. Even though tourists usually have no problems residents face danger every day.


Obregon is beautiful but there’s a problem with safety and there are many crimes like stealing and drugs. Americans worry about their safety even though the city looks nice.

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