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Ashtabula County Farms Flourish: Agriculture Tax Credit Applications Surge of Record-Breaking

(PHOTO: Star Beacon)

Ashtabula County’s CAUV Program Sees Growth in Tax Savings and Participation

Ashtabula County Farms Flourish: Agriculture Tax Credit Applications Surge of Record-Breaking. (PHOTO: Ohio Farm Bureau)

Ashtabula County Sees Incremental Rise in Agriculture Tax Credit Program Participation

According to The Meadville Tribune, data released from the Ashtabula County Auditor’s Office reveals a slight increase in new applications and acres enrolled in the county’s current agricultural use value (CAUV) tax savings program for the year 2023. The total savings for CAUV farmers amounted to $6.75 million, a $40,000 increase compared to the previous year. The program saw the addition of 84 new properties in 2023, up from 67 in 2022. As Auditor David Thomas attributes the growth partly to enhanced education and outreach efforts, the CAUV program continues to offer tax relief to property owners engaged in commercial agriculture or timber production. With savings ranging up to 75 percent and penalties for non-compliance, the agriculture tax credit program remains a vital support for the agricultural community in Ashtabula County.

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Understanding Ashtabula County’s Agriculture Tax Credit Program

Ashtabula County’s current agriculture tax credit program, known as the CAUV, provides significant savings to farmers and property owners engaged in commercial agriculture or timber production. Under this state program, eligible participants receive reduced property taxes based on the soil type and land use. Despite a recent increase in CAUV values for 2024, the program remains a substantial financial benefit for participants, with savings offsetting increases in residential property taxes. The program’s application period, typically from January to March each year, attracts property owners seeking tax relief. With proactive education and outreach efforts by the Auditor’s Office, including town hall meetings and advocacy through the American Farm Bureau Federation, more property owners are discovering and utilizing this valuable tax credit program to support agricultural endeavors in Ashtabula County.

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