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21-Year-Old Morgan Geyser Release: A Delicate Decision Looms In Wisconsin!

Court Debates Morgan Geyser’s Release: Doctors Concerned Over Mental Health Comprehension

21-Year-Old Morgan Geyser’s Fate in Balance as Doctors Discuss Hospital Discharge

According to The New York Times, in Wisconsin, two doctors talked in court about whether Morgan Geyser should leave a hospital. When Morgan Geyser was 12 she did something really bad: Morgan Geyser stabbed someone because of a scary character she saw online. Now she’s 21 and wants to leave the hospital but the doctors are worried she might not understand her mental health problems.

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21-Year-Old Morgan Geyser Release: A Delicate Decision Looms In Wisconsin! (PHOTO: The New York Times)

Assessing Morgan Geyser’s Future: Lundbohm Skeptical of Faking Claims, Bohren to Decide on Release and Rules

One doctor Lundbohm has been watching Morgan Geyser closely since 2014. They don’t believe Morgan Geyser’s claim that she was faking being sick. The judge Bohren has to decide if Morgan Geyser should leave the hospital and what rules she should follow if she does. Another doctor Collins says Geyser has gotten better but might still be a danger to others. Collins thinks Morgan Geyser could leave the hospital in a few months but it’s a hard decision because Morgan Geyser had a tough childhood. The court has to think really carefully before making a choice.

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