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Stealing Food Aid: Tennessee Refunds Over $900k in Stolen SNAP Benefits

Sophisticated Tactics Unveiled: Criminal Methods Behind SNAP Benefit Theft

Dark Web Sales and Profits: How Stolen SNAP Benefits Fuel Underground Markets

According to published article of wreg, In recent months Memphis-based WREG Investigators have unearthed alarming statistics revealing a surge in individuals reporting stolen Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits in Tennessee. Over the past year a growing number of people have claimed their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards were compromised with police noting a significant uptick in reports many alleging fraudulent use of EBT cards in distant locations. Security experts have pointed to sophisticated tactics employed by criminals including skimming devices on card machines phishing scams and bots to obtain personal identification numbers. These ill-gotten benefits are then aggregated and used to purchase high-demand items such as energy drinks and baby formula which are subsequently sold at discounted rates on the dark web.

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Stealing Food Aid: Tennessee Refunds Over $900k in Stolen SNAP Benefits (PHOTO:

Federal Aid and Legislative Measures in Response to SNAP Benefit Theft

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of December 2022 provided a lifeline for victims enabling state agencies to utilize federal funds to reimburse those who had their benefits stolen dating as far back as October 2022. Tennessee initiated the process of replacement requests last fall with a staggering 7,898 submissions received as of April 3. Of these 1,760 are currently under review highlighting the widespread impact of benefit theft. Impressively approximately 78% of the replacement requests reviewed thus far have been approved resulting in the restoration of $933,339 to affected individuals. While the state is actively working on transitioning to a new EBT vendor and implementing advanced fraud mitigation technologies the scale of the issue underscores the urgent need for federal intervention as echoed by State Rep. Antonio Parkinson. Despite Tennessee’s efforts SNAP benefit theft remains a nationwide concern with the USDA reporting over 162,000 fraudulent transactions totaling more than $30 million in replaced benefits during the fiscal year of 2023. As bipartisan federal legislation is proposed to enhance EBT card security collaboration between state and federal entities is crucial to safeguarding the integrity of SNAP benefits for vulnerable populations.
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