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Man Receives Life Sentences for Sex Trafficking and Murder: Justice Served!

Man Receives Life Sentences for Sex Trafficking and Murder Convictions

Alias ‘Sugar Bear’ Receives Life Sentences for Sex Trafficking and Murder Convictions

Somorie Moses, also going by the aliases “Sugar Bear” and “Daddy,” has been found guilty of a number of heinous crimes, including forcing multiple victims into prostitution, torturing them, and finally killing 32-year-old sex worker Leondra Foster. As a result, he has been sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Moses was given ten concurrent life terms for the sex trafficking of eight women and the murder of Foster, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York. Since 2003, Moses has preyed on women and girls, luring them into his trap of abuse and exploitation with false promises of love. In September 2023, Moses entered a guilty plea to the offenses.

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Man Receives Life Sentences for Sex Trafficking and Murder: Justice Served! (PHOTO: New York Post)

Prosecution Unveils Horrific Details of Somorie Moses’ Reign of Terror: Brutal Torture, Murder, and Dissection

The horrific stories of Moses’ reign of terror, which included biting off a portion of the victim’s buttocks, raping, and hurling one victim off a roof, were recounted by the prosecution. Another victim received beatings, lemon juice applied to her wounds, and razor cuts to her arms and back. Moses had no mercy; when a victim said she wanted to stop the sex trade, he even threatened to shoot the victim’s child. Following Foster’s deadly beating in 2017, Moses ruthlessly dissected her body in their Brooklyn apartment and disposed of the parts, leaving only her hands, feet, and head in his freezer. This was the culmination of the savagery. Although a long jail term cannot completely repair the great suffering Moses caused to his victims, United States Attorney Breon Peace acknowledged that Moses’ acts were wrong and that it does serve to prevent others from being victims of his horrible crimes. This story is a terrifying reminder of the persistent threat posed by people who, like Moses, show no respect for human life or decency.

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