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Wisconsin Families Find Summer EBT Relief from Food Insecurity

(PHOTO: PBS Wisconsin)

Wisconsin Leads the Way: Summer EBT Program Aims to Eradicate Child Hunger

Wisconsin Families Find Summer EBT Relief from Food Insecurity. (PHOTO: Center for American Progress)

Wisconsin Launches Summer EBT Program to Combat Child Hunger

According to Spectrum News 1, as summer approaches, Wisconsin pioneers a solution to combat child hunger with the Summer EBT program. Designed to fill the gap left by the end of the school year, this initiative provides eligible families with $120 loaded on debit cards to purchase groceries. The program, modeled after successful pandemic-era efforts, aims to alleviate food insecurity among children during the summer months. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers lauds the program, emphasizing its critical role in ensuring children have enough to eat, vital for their academic and overall well-being. With experts highlighting its potential to address youth mental health and obesity issues, the Summer EBT program emerges as a multifaceted solution to nourish and support children in Wisconsin.


Summer EBT: Nourishing Wisconsin Families and Stimulating Local Economies

Wisconsin’s pioneering Summer EBT program not only addresses child hunger but also stimulates local economies. With an estimated cost exceeding $48 million, the initiative not only supports families in need but also benefits various sectors, including agriculture, retail, and transportation. As Sherrie Tussler, CEO of Hunger Task Force, points out, the circulation of program dollars keeps farmers, grocery store staff, and truck drivers employed. Beyond economic impact, the program’s broader implications are profound, providing mental health benefits by alleviating worries about food insecurity. With over 400,000 children eligible for the program, Summer EBT promises to make a significant impact on Wisconsin’s communities and the well-being of its children.

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