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Washington’s Guaranteed Income Programs Celebrate Continued Success and Positive Outcomes

Guaranteed Basic Income Program in Seattle-King County Spurs Employment Growth and Financial Stability

Guaranteed Basic Income Program Boosts Employment and Financial Stability

In a groundbreaking experiment conducted by the Workforce Development Council (WDC) of Seattle-King County giving people money without any conditions actually led to more employment, not less. Over a 10 month period 102 participants received $500 each month. When the guaranteed income program ended the number of people employed nearly doubled with participants finding jobs that paid better and offered more benefits. This surprising outcome challenges the common belief that giving people money would discourage them from working.

Gyanendra Subba, a project manager at WDC involved in designing the program expressed no surprise at the results stating that they had started with the hypothesis that it would lead to better outcomes. The guaranteed income program, funded by a mix of state, county and private dollars aimed to help people break free from the cycle of poverty by providing them with financial stability. Participants reported higher savings and financial security with many using the money to cover essential expenses like rent or invest in further education and skill development.

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Statewide Expansion of Basic Income Program Stalled in Washington’s Legislature

Despite the success of the pilot program, efforts to implement similar initiatives statewide have faced obstacles in Washington legislature. Marisol Tapia Hopper, director of strategic partnerships at WDC emphasized the need to innovate and pioneer new approaches to address systemic issues of poverty. The council aims to make the program sustainable and expand its reach with plans to increase the number of participants and the amount of financial assistance provided. They hope that their model can serve as an inspiration for similar programs across the country ultimately leading to lasting positive change for those struggling with financial insecurity.

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