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Up to $500 Cash! Walmart Settlement: Get Paid for Overcharged Purchases – What to Know!

(photo: CNBC)

Walmart Settlement: Claim Your Share of $45 Million!

Walmart Settlement Offers Compensation Up to $500!

Walmart, the big store agreed to pay $45 million because people said they charged too much for some things they sold by weight like meat and citrus. If you bought these things between October 19, 2018, and January 19, 2024, you might get money back up to $500, according to the finance report of Business Insider. You have until June 5 to say you want the money either online or by mail and show proof you bought these items.

If you kept your receipts you could get back 2% of what you spent up to $500. But even if you didn’t keep receipts you could still get some money based on how much you bought. For example, if you bought up to 50 pounds you could get $10 and if you bought more than 100 pounds, you could get $25. The final decision about this will happen on June 12.

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Walmart Settlement Offers Compensation Up to $500!. (photo: CNN)

Walmart Settlement Deadline Approaching on June 5!

If you think you might have bought these things from Walmart during the mentioned time it’s a good idea to try to get some money back. The deadline to ask for it is June 5, according to the report of Economic Times. This is important because it shows that big companies have to be fair to their customers and if they make mistakes, they should fix them.

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