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Guaranteed Income Pilot Project- Evanston City Council Greenlights Funding for Groundbreaking!

Concerns Raised Over Potential Loss of Benefits from Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development

Concerns Arise Over Potential Loss of Benefits in Evanston’s Guaranteed Income Pilot Project

In Evanston, a groundbreaking project is underway to help families facing financial struggles. The city council has given the green light to funding for a Guaranteed Income Pilot Project. This project aims to provide financial support to families with children aged 5 and under who are living at or below 1.84 times the poverty level in their census tract. This could benefit around 144 households in the area.

The Executive Director of the Childcare Network of Evanston expressed support for the project highlighting how it can alleviate stress for families with young children. Jesse Rojo from the Evanston Early Childhood Council emphasized the impact of poverty on children stating that it limits opportunities and hope for the future. However, there are concerns that some families might lose benefits from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development due to the additional guaranteed income.

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Despite concerns, city officials are optimistic about the projects potential. They believe there is enough flexibility in the funding to accommodate families who may need to withdraw from the program to maintain their existing benefits. While some council members worry about the project only benefiting a specific group city policy coordinator Alison Leipziger assures that this is just the beginning with plans for future initiatives. Overall, the Guaranteed Income Pilot Project in Evanston represents a step forward in addressing financial challenges faced by families in the community.

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