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$10.5 Million Bed Sheet Settlement: Meet These Two Criteria to Qualify for A One-Time Payment!

Macy’s CVC Sheets Lawsuit: Customers to Share $10.5 Bed Sheet Settlement Fund

AQ Textiles LLC Bed Sheets Controversy Resolved with Bed Sheet Settlement

According to The US Sun, a big lawsuit against Macy’s about their bed sheets got settled recently. Americans who bought Macy’s CVC Sheets might get some money from a $10.5 million bed sheet settlement. The lawsuit said Macy’s lied about the quality of the sheets tricking Americans into paying more. The sheets were made by AQ Textiles LLC and sold for over ten years.

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$10.5 Million Bed Sheet Settlement: Meet These Two Criteria to Qualify for A One-Time Payment! (PHOTO: Reuters)

Don’t Miss Your Chance: File Your Macy’s Bed Sheet Settlement Claim by April 17, 2024

If you bought Macy’s CVC Sheets between November 8, 2013 and March 24, 2023 you could get money from the bed sheet settlement. You don’t need to show proof of purchase to get $2.50 bed sheet settlement per household. But if you have proof Macy’s might give you $7.50 per set of sheets. You have until April 17, 2024 to file a claim online. This kind of lawsuit lets many Americans work together to solve a problem. Macy’s didn’t admit they did anything wrong but they agreed to settle to avoid more trouble. If you bought these sheets during the mentioned time make sure to file your claim before April 17, 2024. If you have questions you can ask the settlement administrators for help.

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