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$1.5 Million Data Breach Settlement – Here’s How to Claim Your Share!

Roper St. Francis Healthcare Faces Major Court Case Over 2020 Data Breach Settlement Affecting 190,000 Patients

Healthcare Giant Offers $1.5 Million Data Breach Settlement Amidst Allegations of Inadequate Privacy Protection

According to The US Sun, a deal has been made in a big court case against Roper St. Francis Healthcare. It’s about a problem with Americans’ private info being seen by others without permission back in October 2020. Lots of folks more than 190,000 might have been affected. The lawsuit says Roper didn’t do enough to keep their info safe. Roper says they did nothing wrong but they’re still offering $1.5  million in data breach settlement to make things right.

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$1.5 Million Data Breach Settlement – Here’s How to Claim Your Share! (PHOTO: Bloomberg)

Roper St. Francis Healthcare and NorthShore University HealthSystem Offer Compensation for Affected Patients in Data Breach Settlement and Overcharging Cases

Americans who were affected might get some money back from the data breach settlement for things like bank fees or lost time. If it really hurt them they could even get up to $3,250 in data breach settlement. Everyone in the case also gets free credit monitoring for a year. The final decision on the deal with data breach settlement will happen in May 2024. If you’re involved make sure to check if you can get money back from the data breach settlement and file your claim before May 30, 2024. In another case patients from NorthShore University HealthSystem could get money back too. They’re giving back $55 million because some Americans were charged too much for hospital services. This is for anyone who got these services between February 10, 2000 and December 31, 2015. But they had to act fast because the deadline was April 4.

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