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Population Trends and Economic Development in Wadesboro, North Carolina – A Comprehensive Analysis!

Wadesboro’s Affordable Living: Cost of Living Index and Typical House Values

Exploring Employment and Economic Challenges in Wadesboro, NC

Using information from the FBI, Zillow, the Census, and other primary data sources, HomeSnacks has been conducting Saturday Night Science research to carefully evaluate Wadesboro’s quality of life for the past nine years. With 5,004 residents and a typical house value of $102,065 and income of $32,022, Wadesboro is a picture of modest living. Wadesboro’s cost of living, at ninety, is significantly less than the national average, indicating its affordability. Nonetheless, as seen by the 12.9% unemployment rate and the 24.2% poverty rate, economic difficulties still exist. Regarding public safety, the FBI’s data present a depressing picture of the situation. Wadesboro saw 523 offenses in total during the most recent reporting year, raising the city’s overall crime rate to 10,385.2 per 100,000 residents—a startling 346.83% higher than the national average. The community’s struggle with criminal activity is shown by the violent crime rate, which is 2,621.1 per 100,000 people, and the property crime rate, which is 7,764.1 per 100,000 people.

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Experiencing Wadesboro’s Moderate Climate: Temperature Ranges and Weather Patterns

Wadesboro has a moderate temperature with typical highs of 72.7°F and lows of 49.8°F, despite its difficulties. However, people have to deal with precipitation, which falls on average 71.2 days a year, 45.3 inches of rain, and 2.9 inches of snow. Wadesboro is a resilient town that continues to look for ways to enhance its standard of living and guarantee a better future for its citizens while navigating its economic and safety difficulties.

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