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Navigating Stimulus Check Scams – Social Security’s Efforts to Protect Recipients!

Rumors of a Fourth Stimulus Check Debunked: IRS and Treasury Department Clarify Stance on Economic Impact Payments

False Stimulus Check Rumors: The Role of Generative AI in Spreading Misinformation Online

Seniors and people with disabilities are feeling hopeful as reports of a possible “fourth stimulus check” have taken over internet forums as Americans struggle to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic’s repercussions. IRS official Anthony Burke, however, quickly refuted these allegations and stated that all Economic Impact Payments had already been paid out. Furthermore, a Treasury Department representative confirmed to USA Today that no further batch of stimulus checks are in the works, dashed hopes for more funding. According to McKenzie Sadeghi, AI and foreign influence editor for NewsGuard, the advent of generative artificial intelligence in content production can help explain the spread of these bogus claims. Sadeghi stated that many websites that spread such misinformation seek to attract hits and traffic to their platforms, frequently at the price of honest reporting. As AARP dug deeper into these claims, they discovered a pattern of erroneous representations about stimulus checks, tax credits, and Social Security benefits, all perpetuated by websites with no human monitoring and transparency.

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The Rise of AI in News and Information Websites: A Call for Transparency and Human Oversight

NewsGuard’s AI Tracking Center has discovered over 700 news and information websites that operate with little human participation, indicating a disturbing trend in the spread of incorrect information online. Sadeghi stressed the need of identifying AI-generated information by looking for inconsistencies, recurrence of important terms, attribution gaps, and a lack of openness about the content’s origin. As the internet landscape becomes increasingly cluttered with disinformation, it is critical for individuals to rely on trustworthy sources like for accurate information on financial assistance programs.

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