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2020 Tax Refunds 940,000 – Set to Expire Soon: Time Running Out!

Deadline Approaching: IRS Urges Americans to Claim $1 Billion in Unclaimed Tax Refunds

Don’t Miss Out: IRS Urges Americans to Claim Over $1 Billion in Unclaimed Tax Refunds

WASHINGTON – The IRS is sending out a warning to folks in the U.S. They might be missing out on over $1 billion in tax refunds! Around 940,000 people have until May 17 to send in their tax refunds returns for the year 2020. These refunds could really help with an average of $932 waiting for each person.

States like Texas, California, Florida and New York have the most folks who might be eligible for these tax refunds. The head of the IRS, Danny Werfel says time is ticking and people should get moving to claim what’s theirs before the deadline. If you need to file a return get your important documents like W 2s or 1099s and start the process.

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File Now to Secure Your Refund: IRS Reminds Taxpayers of Extended Deadline and Potential Hold on Refunds

This year because of COVID-19 the deadline for 2020 returns got pushed to May 17. But remember if you have not filed for 2021 and 2022 your 2020 tax refunds might be held until you do. So, it is essential to check your records now and not miss out on what could be yours. Tax season started at the end of January and millions of people have already filed their tax refunds.

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