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World War II’s Ghost Army Honored: Brave Pioneers of Deception Receive Congressional Gold Medal

Historic Recognition: Ghost Army Heroes Receive Congressional Gold Medal

Ingenious Tactics Celebrated: Honoring the Bravery and Cleverness of WWII

According to Your National Champs at the big ceremony in the U.S. Capitol the Ghost Army from World War II finally got honored with the Congressional Gold Medal. They were praised for being really brave and clever during the war. They used tricky tactics like fake tanks pretending on the radio and dressing up to fool the enemy. The Secretary of the Army said their smart ideas are still helpful for soldiers today.

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Bergen Record)World War II’s Ghost Army Honored: Brave Pioneers of Deception Receive Congressional Gold Medal

Surviving Heroes Share Tales of Valor: Ghost Army’s Legacy of Bravery Honored

Some of the surviving Ghost Army members like Bernard Bluestein, John Christman, and Seymour Nussenbaum were there too. They talked about their secret missions and how they saved a lot of lives by tricking the enemy. Even though many years have passed people still think they were really brave and patriotic. Senators and the House Speaker said nice things about them at the ceremony. It took a long time for the Ghost Army to get recognized. Their missions were kept secret for many years until they were finally told to everyone in 1996. A man named Rick Beyer helped tell their story through a documentary and a book. Now everyone knows about their clever and brave acts during the war. Their story reminds us that even in tough times people can do amazing things with their ideas and courage.

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