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Top 10 Ultimate Living: Discover the Best Places in Oregon to Call Home in 2024

(PHOTO: Apartment Guide)

Top Contenders for Best Places in Oregon for 2024

Top 10 Ultimate Living: Discover the Best Places in Oregon to Call Home in 2024. (PHOTO: Bankrate)

Blend of Factors in Oregon’s Best Places

According to HomeSnacks, in the quest to identify the best places in Oregon for 2024, Lake Oswego, West Linn, and Sherwood emerge as top contenders according to Saturday Night Science’s analysis. These best places in Oregon showcase a blend of factors such as affordability, home values, low crime rates, and high quality of life. Lake Oswego, in particular earns the title of the best place in Oregon for 2024 boasting favorable metrics across various categories.

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Tigard: A Desirable Destination in Oregon

However, amidst the selection of Oregon’s finest locales Tigard shines as a noteworthy mention securing its place as the 10th best places in Oregon. With its safety record and relative affordability compared to neighboring areas Tigard presents an appealing option for families seeking a balance between security and quality of life. Despite its median home price of $601,645, Tigard offers a vibrant downtown scene and an array of family-friendly activities. While Tigard’s housing costs may pose a challenge for some its walkable downtown diverse shopping options, and entertainment venues contribute to its allure as a desirable living destination. As best places in Oregon continue to draw attention for its unique culture and lifestyle offerings Tigard stands as a testament to the state’s appeal, showcasing a blend of safety, affordability, and community vibrancy that resonates with residents and newcomers alike.

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