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Oklahoma Taxpayers: Tax Refund Guidance and Tips on Filing Amidst State and Federal Dates

Refund Timing Varies

Tools Available to Monitor Oklahoma State Tax Refunds

According to The Oklahoma people in Oklahoma who are waiting for their state tax refunds might have to wait a little longer. How long you wait depends on how you filed your taxes and how you want to get your tax refund. If you filed online and chose to get your refund directly deposited you might get it in five to six weeks. If you chose to get a debit card it could take up to six weeks. But if you mailed in your taxes it might take even longer around ten to 12 weeks for direct deposit and 11 to 13 weeks for a debit card refund.

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The Oklahoman)Oklahoma Taxpayers: Tax Refund Guidance and Tips on Filing Amidst State and Federal Dates

Maximizing Your Refund

To find out where your Oklahoma state tax refund you can use tools from the Oklahoma Taxpayer Access Point. They have online tools you can use, or you can go in person to the Taxpayer Resource Center in Oklahoma City for help. The IRS also has tools, like “Where’s My Refund?” on their website, to track federal tax refunds. Usually, federal refunds come in about 21 days after you file, but if there are mistakes on your return, it might take longer. Tax Day for both federal and Oklahoma state taxes is April 15. It’s important to know the deadlines and options for extensions. If you need more time to finish your taxes, you can file for an extension with Form 4868 by April 15, and you’ll have six more months to do your taxes. But if you don’t file on time and you owe taxes, you might have to pay penalties. So, it’s a good idea to stay on top of things and make sure you file your taxes on time to avoid any extra fees.

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