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$10M Hit in Assault Lawsuit for Soulja Boy: Ex Claims Victory

(PHOTO: Daily Mail)

Soulja Boy Ordered to Pay $10M in Damages: Assault Lawsuit Unveils Years of Alleged Abuse

$10M Hit in Assault Lawsuit for Soulja Boy: Ex Claims Victory. (PHOTO:

Jane Doe’s Harrowing Account: Miscarriage and Violence Highlight Pattern of Domestic Abuse

According to AllHipHop, in a shocking turn of events, rapper Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way from Atlanta, Georgia has been ordered to pay a staggering $10 million in damages to a former partner following an assault lawsuit alleging years of abuse. The assault lawsuit, filed under the pseudonym Jane Doe detailed harrowing incidents including one in 2015 where she miscarried their child after a violent altercation. Doe recounted how a seemingly innocent conversation quickly escalated into a violent outburst with Soulja Boy allegedly punching and kicking her until she collapsed. This is not the first time Soulja Boy has faced accusations of abuse. Jane Doe cited multiple instances of domestic violence and gender violence throughout their relationship which began in 2007 and escalated in seriousness by 2014. Despite enduring years of abuse Doe finally broke free from the grasp of her abuser in mid-2019. Her attorney, Neama Rahmani emphasized the enduring psychological and physical toll that Doe suffered at the hands of Soulja Boy.

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Continued Legal Troubles: Prior Allegations of Sexual Abuse Further Tarnish Soulja Boy’s Reputation

The ruling adds to a series of legal setbacks for the rapper who has previously faced allegations of sexual abuse and assault lawsuit. Another Jane Doe, who worked as Soulja Boy’s personal assistant accused him of multiple rapes, beatings, and holding her hostage. This latest ruling underscores the serious consequences of such actions and serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing fight against domestic violence and abuse.

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