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Colorado Eating Disorder Patients Face Humiliating Nude Weigh-Ins and Non-Vegan Food Enforcement

Debate Rages Over Regulation of Eating Disorder Treatment Centers in Colorado

Survivor Stories Fuel Calls for Safety Measures in Colorado Eating Disorder Facilities

According to The Colorado Sun, in Colorado, there’s a big argument about making rules for places that help people with Colorado eating disorder. People are worried because some folks have had really bad experiences at these centers, like Reese Chism. She went through tough stuff, like being held down and forced to eat things she was allergic to. These stories show why it’s important to make sure these places are safe and treat people right.

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Colorado Eating Disorder Patients Face Humiliating Nude Weigh-Ins and Non-Vegan Food Enforcement. (PHOTO: The Colorado Sun)

Senators Propose Legislation to Oversee Colorado Eating Disorder Centers

Senators Lisa Cutter and Faith Winter are pushing for a law to regulate Colorado eating disorder centers. The proposed law aims to ensure these centers consider patients’ needs, including dietary preferences. However, there’s disagreement about whether centers should force patients to eat certain foods. With rising Colorado eating disorder cases due to COVID-19, the law’s importance lies in safeguarding patients while providing necessary help. Lawmakers are debating how to prioritize patients’ well-being and ensure centers are safe and supportive environments.

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