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13-Year-Old Missing Teen Girl Found Dead, Suspected Abuse Linked to Mom’s Partner

Desperate Search Unfolds for Missing Teen Girl as Disturbing Details Emerge

Madeline Soto’s Disappearance Unveils Dark Secrets and Tragic End

In a really scary twist, the story of 13-year-old Madeline Soto has turned very sad. She was last spotted on February 26, supposedly taken to Hunter’s Creek Middle School by her mom’s boyfriend, Stephan Sterns. But when her mom went to get her later, Madeline wasn’t there. Her mom got worried and called the police, who started looking for her a lot. Madeline’s mom found out that Madeline never made it to school that day. She got really worried and called the police, who started looking for her everywhere.

As the investigation into the case progressed, authorities gained access to Madeline’s phone, which she had left at home that day. In the messages they found her expressing a wish to “live in the woods” once she turned 13 on February 22. On February 28, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office reported the arrest of Sterns for sexual battery and possession of child sexual abuse material. The authorities believe that the horrifying images discovered on Sterns’ phone indicated Madeline’s death before he claimed to have dropped her off. On February 26, surveillance footage showed Sterns discarding items in a dumpster, including Madeline’s backpack and school-issued laptop. On March 1, law enforcement confirmed the heartbreaking discovery of Madeline’s lifeless body in a wooded area in Kissimmee.

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13-Year-Old Missing Teen Girl Found Dead, Suspected Abuse Linked to Mom’s Partner. (PHOTO: Perez Hilton)

Accidental Instagram Post and Suspected Evidence Tampering Add to Tragic Case’s Complexity

The inquiry also found that Sterns, recognized as Madeline’s stepfather, supposedly tried to erase evidence from his phone. A surprising event happened when a picture of Madeline’s body at the location was accidentally posted on Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez’s official Instagram account. The post was quickly taken down, and authorities apologized for any upset it caused. Sterns is now in the Osceola County Jail without the option of posting bail, confronting severe charges that highlight the distressing aspects of this sad case.

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