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Wyden’s Bill Takes Aim at SNAP Cards Security, Shields Against Cyber Threats

(PHOTO: Bloomberg)

Addressing SNAP Card Vulnerabilities: Senator Wyden’s Cybersecurity Initiative

Wyden’s Bill Takes Aim at SNAP Cards Security, Shields Against Cyber Threats. (PHOTO: CNBC)

Mandating Chip Technology: Proposed Legislation to Safeguard SNAP Funds

According to Koin, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden has introduced a new bill aimed at enhancing cybersecurity measures for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) cards, addressing vulnerabilities that have led to significant theft of SNAP funds. The bipartisan Enhanced Cybersecurity for SNAP Act targets the lack of fraud-resistant chip technology in the SNAP cards making them susceptible to skimming by identity thieves. Wyden stressed the urgency of modernizing SNAP cards security emphasizing the disparities between the protection afforded to SNAP recipients and that provided by modern credit and debit cards. Under the proposed legislation, the United States Department of Agriculture would be mandated to implement encrypted chip technology in the SNAP cards and update cybersecurity regulations every five years, including provisions for mobile payment options. States would be required to transition to chip-enabled SNAP cards within two years phasing out magnetic stripe cards within four years. Additionally, the bill includes provisions for a grant program to facilitate the adoption of chip-capable payment machines in small grocery stores and other food-related programs.

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Ensuring Timely Assistance: Swift Response to Card Theft or Malfunction

The bill also addresses the need for swift action in cases of card theft or malfunction requiring states to provide free SNAP card replacements within three days. Furthermore, states would be mandated to offer multiple accessible and mobile-friendly platforms for families to manage their EBT accounts, ensuring ease of access and management. Recent data from the Oregon Department of Human Services highlights the pressing need for improved security measures with instances of SNAP card skimming on the rise and significant losses reported. With over 400,000 households in Oregon relying on SNAP benefits, the proposed legislation aims to protect vulnerable families and enhance the integrity of the SNAP program.

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