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Revolutionizing Summer Nutrition for Children with Funded Program: DHHS Launches ‘Sun Bucks’!

Sun Bucks Program to Provide Essential Nutrition Support for North Carolina’s School-Age Children

DHHS Launches Massive ‘Grocery Boost’ to Nourish North Carolina’s Young Minds

According to Independent Tribune, North Carolina’s Health and Human Services Department (DHHS) just started a summer food program called “Sun Bucks.” This means kids in North Carolina who qualify can get $120 to buy groceries during the summer. The money comes from a new program by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and almost a million kids in North Carolina can benefit from it. Families will get a special card to use at big stores for buying groceries.

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Revolutionizing Summer Nutrition for Children with Funded Program: DHHS Launches ‘Sun Bucks’! (PHOTO: CBS 17)

Sun Bucks Program Automates Aid for Eligible Kids, Ensuring Summer Nutrition for North Carolina Families

Most kids who can get free or reduced-price school meals or other help will automatically get this support. Families need to make sure their contact details are up-to-date by March 28 with their child’s school or local Department of Social Services. The program will work alongside other summer food programs, making sure kids and families have enough to eat during the summer break.This new Sun Bucks program will work with existing federal food programs like SUN Meals, which provide food at approved places, and SUN Meals To-Go, where families can pick up or get food delivered. It’s all part of the effort to make sure no child goes without food during the summer in North Carolina.

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