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$6.4 Mental Health Initiative – Divided Votes Among Californians!

California’s $6.4B Mental Health Initiative Sparks a Divided Vote Amongst Voters

California’s Proposition 1 Hangs in the Balance as Votes Inch Forward

In California’s recent primary election, a decision on Proposition 1 is still up in the air as officials continue counting votes. Proposition 1 aims to change how mental health care works in the state. Governor Gavin Newsom and some Southern California leaders support it, saying it will make more treatment beds and housing. But others disagree, thinking it might cut money from programs that are already working well. The votes so far show it’s really close, with about half the people for it and half against it.

As of Friday morning, the count is 50.4% of people saying yes to Proposition 1 and 49.6% saying no, according to the California secretary of state. The idea behind Proposition 1 is to make more treatment beds, housing, and outpatient slots by using a $6.38 billion bond and shifting funds from the 2004 Mental Health Services Act. This proposal also wants to change how mental health money is managed, moving control more to the state level.

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$6.4 Mental Health Initiative – Divided Votes Among Californians! (PHOTO: KCRA)

Newsom Champions Proposition 1 for Comprehensive Mental Health Care, But Critics Fear Cost and Service Disruption

Governor Newsom sees Proposition 1 as an important step to finally making a complete mental health care system in California. Supporters, like Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, think it could help with homelessness by giving more support for mental health. However, not everyone agrees. Those against Proposition 1, like the group Californians Against Proposition 1, worry it’s too expensive and could harm existing mental health services. The final decision is expected by April 12, as officials finish counting votes and confirming results.

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