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USDA Greenlights Online SNAP Payments for Grocery Stores!

  1. Thrive Market Breaks Ground as First Online Store Nationwide to Accept Online SNAP Payments

Thrive Market‘s Online SNAP Payments Approval Enhances Nutritious Food Availability for SNAP Users – Expanded Access!

According to Fox 5 KUSINEWS, Thrive Market is an online grocery store selling healthy and organic foods has made a big move. Thrive Market is the first online store approved by the USDA to take online SNAP payments nationwide. This change started on February 26 helping more Americans using SNAP get nutritious food. Thrive Market already accepts online SNAP payments in California for CalFresh users making it easier for them to buy groceries online.

USDA Greenlights Online SNAP Payments for Grocery Stores! (PHOTO: PYMNTS)

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Thrive Market Expands Access to Healthy Food for SNAP Users Nationwide

Now SNAP users can use their benefits on Thrive Market by signing up for a membership and entering their EBT card number and PIN but remember that SNAP money won’t pay for delivery fees. Nick Green, Thrive Market‘s CEO says this is a big deal because it makes healthy food more accessible for Americans no matter where they live with home delivery. Advocacy groups are happy about this. Thrive Market‘s co-founder, Sasha Siddhartha says it’s important to make healthy food easier to get especially for people who don’t have a lot of money. This move by Thrive Market fits with what the USDA is doing with other big stores like Walmart and Target making it easier for SNAP users to shop both online and in-person.

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