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Pennsylvania Launches New Tool for Property Tax and Rent Rebate Help – Ease Your Tax Burden

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Introduces PTRR Lookup Tool for Convenient Assistance

Pennsylvania Launches New Tool for Property Tax and Rent Rebate Help – Ease Your Tax Burden. (PHOTO: NCBLpc)

CODE PA Creates User-Friendly Solution to Aid Older Pennsylvanians and Those with Disabilities

According to MyChesCo, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has launched a new tool for property tax and rent rebate to help Pennsylvanians with their Property Tax/Rent Rebate (PTRR) applications. This new tool for property tax and rent rebate created by the Commonwealth Office of Digital Experience (CODE PA) makes it easy for older Pennsylvanians and people with disabilities to find help nearby. Just type in your zip code and it shows you where to go for help like Department of Revenue offices, Area Agencies on Aging or your state legislator’s office. It makes getting assistance with PTRR applications much simpler.

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Pennsylvania’s PTRR Program Expands Under Governor Shapiro‘s Leadership

Secretary of Revenue Pat Browne emphasized how important the new tool for property tax and rent rebate is. As more Pennsylvanians join the PTRR program it’s important to make sure Pennsylvanians have enough help. This new tool for property tax and rent rebate gives money to older people, widows or widowers and those with disabilities based on how much they earn and what they pay for housing. Governor Josh Shapiro recently made the new tool property tax and rent rebate better by giving bigger rebates and letting more people qualify which is a big deal for Pennsylvania. It makes applying easier which is what Governor Shapiro wants so that more people in Pennsylvania can get the help they need.

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