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Grieving Family Heartbreak Deepens as Mother Convicted for Supplying Deadly Fentanyl Dose!

Albuquerque Mother’s Deadly Scheme: Fentanyl Hidden in Children’s Luggage

Surveillance Footage Captures Heartbreaking Moment of Children Witnessing Father’s Death

According to DEA, an Albuquerque mother named Magdalena Silva Banuelos admitted guilt to a federal drug crime in Dallas, Texas. She concealed a dangerous amount of fentanyl in her children’s luggage and intending for her ex husband to use it. Her plan resulted in his fatal overdose in May 2022.

Banuelos put her sons on a flight to Dallas to visit their father. Her ex husband discovered the fentanyl in their luggage and leading to his fatal overdose in a restroom stall at the airport. Surveillance footage captured the heartbreaking scene of the boys exiting the restroom and visibly distressed by their father’s sudden death.

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Surveillance Footage Captures Heartbreaking Moment of Children Witnessing Father’s Death

This case underscores the destructive effects of fentanyl on both families and communities. Authorities stress the importance of tackling this deadly drug with determination to prevent similar tragedies. Banuelos must now face the repercussions of her actions while law enforcement agencies persist in their efforts to eradicate fentanyl from our neighborhoods.

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