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Washington Insurance Commissioner Kreidler Sparks Relief, Urging Simplified Claims Process for Wildfire Victims!

Washington Insurance Commissioner Calls for Simplified Claims

Washington Insurance Commissioner Pushes for Easier Wildfire Insurance Claims

The Washington Insurance Commissioner, Mike Kreidler, is helping people affected by the Gray and Oregon Road fires in Spokane. He sent letters to insurance companies in the area asking them to make it easier for victims to claim insurance for the damage caused by the fires last summer. These fires destroyed around 20,000 acres hundreds of homes and displaced many people. Kreidler wants insurance companies to be more understanding and flexible in the claims process.

The Washington Insurance Commissioner is specifically asking insurers to change some rules. When you claim insurance you have to list every single thing you lost. But Kreidler thinks this is too hard for the victims of the wildfires. He suggests that insurance companies allow people to group similar things together when making their list. For example, instead of listing each shirt separately they could say “six sweaters.” Kreidler also suggests that insurers follow the same process used in nearby states where people get a percentage of their insurance coverage without having to make a detailed list.

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Washington Insurance Commissioner Pushes for Easier Wildfire Insurance Claims. (PHOTO: The Chronicle)

Washington Insurance Commissioner Aids Wildfire Victims

According to The Spokesman-Review, President Joe Biden declared a federal disaster for the area unlocking FEMA funding for the victims. Washington Insurance Commissioner Kreidler is taking extra steps. His office sent representatives to communities impacted by the fires to answer questions about insurance. The goal is to make sure that people who lost everything in the fires can get the help they need without facing too many challenges with their insurance claims. Kreidler’s actions show that he understands the difficulties faced by the victims and wants to make the process simpler and more compassionate.

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