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IRS Stimulus Payment: Don’t Miss Out – Check Your Eligibility Now!

Final Deadline Sets for IRS Stimulus Payment Credit Eligibility

Eligible Taxpayers to Secure IRS Stimulus Payment Credit Before Deadline

According to Best Life, in a recent announcement on March 4, the IRS reminded people about a crucial deadline for getting money related to the COVID-19 stimulus payments. These payments were given by the government to help folks during the pandemic. If someone didn’t get the full amount or missed out on these payments, they can claim a Recovery Rebate Credit. The IRS says that if you haven’t filed your taxes for 2020 yet, you need to do it by May 17, 2024, to claim this credit. This is important because after this date, you might lose the chance to get the extra money you’re owed.

The IRS clarifies that while many eligible individuals have already taken advantage of the credit, there are still some who have not. To ensure you don’t overlook this benefit it’s essential to submit your tax return even if your income was minimal. Failing to file on time may result in missing out on additional funds owed to you by the government. This serves as a reminder for individuals who may have forgotten or were unaware of this opportunity.

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IRS Stimulus Payment: Don’t Miss Out – Check Your Eligibility Now! (PHOTO: NSFAS Login)

IRS Announces $1 Billion Relief for Taxpayers Facing Back Taxes Due to Pandemic Disruptions

Alongside the aforementioned reminder, the IRS announced assistance for more than 4.7 million individuals with outstanding tax debts, amounting to approximately $1 billion. This relief targets those adversely affected by pandemic-related closures. The IRS observed the suspension of automatic reminders to taxpayers in 2022, potentially resulting in many individuals being unaware of accrued interest or penalties they owe. This relief is mainly for those making less than $400,000 a year. The IRS Commissioner, Danny Werfel said they’re taking steps to help people with overdue bills and are offering options for those struggling to pay.

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