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40-Year-Old Colombian Apprehended in Operation Lone Star Crackdown – Border Patrol Nabs Terror Watchlist Suspect Near Biden-Trump Visit!

(PHOTO: BNN Breaking)

40-Year-Old Colombian Suspected of Terrorism Caught at Southern Border

Lead to Apprehension of Alleged Colombian Terror Suspect

According to Sean Hannity, Border officers in Eagle Pass, Texas caught a 40-year-old Colombian named Carlos Obed Yepez-Bedoya. They found out he might have links to terrorism. This happened on February 21st just before President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump were going to visit the southern border. They said Yepez-Bedoya was part of a group connected to a terrorist organization but they didn’t say which one. The way Yepez-Bedoya was caught shows how state and federal authorities are working together to tackle border security issues. The Texas police caught him for crossing into the US illegally. They told the Border Patrol to take him for more checking. This happened under Operation Lone Star where Texas uses its National Guard and other officers to help keep the border safe.

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40-Year-Old Colombian Apprehended in Operation Lone Star Crackdown . (PHOTO: NewsNation)

40-Year-Old Colombian Arrest Underscores Texas’ Vigilance on Border Security

The fact that Texas Governor Greg Abbott talks a lot about Operation Lone Star shows how serious they are about border security. He wants Texas to do everything it can to keep the border safe especially when the federal government isn’t doing much. This event with Yepez-Bedoya reminds us of the tough job authorities have in protecting the country’s borders and the ongoing work needed to stop potential security threats.

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