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UT Tax Credit Bill: Unlocking Opportunities for Unlicensed Childcare Providers!

Utah Lawmakers Propose Innovative Solutions for Unlicensed Childcare Services

Governor’s Approval Pending for House Bill 153 Offering Tax Breaks to Parents

According to Public News Service, child care advocates in Utah are relieved to see increased attention on child care policy discussions but they also express concerns about proposed safety related changes. House Bill 153 is currently awaiting the governor’s approval that offers a $2.3 million tax credit break for certain Utah parents and it also raises the maximum capacity for unlicensed day care centers from six to eight children, a move that has sparked worries about compromising child safety.

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UT tax credit bill would loosen rules for unlicensed child care / Public  News Service

UT Tax Credit Bill: Unlocking Opportunities for Unlicensed Childcare Providers!(PHOTO: getty images)

State Intervention Urged to Tackle Expensive Licensed Childcare in Utah

Anna Thomas who represents Voices for Utah Children recognizes the possible advantages of tax credit but underscores substantial worries regarding the safety and health of children under unlicensed child care providers. Thomas stresses the critical need for adequate supervision and regulation to safeguard children’s welfare in daycare environments but despite the financial obstacles many Utah families encounter with licensed child care. Thomas argues that sacrificing safety protocols is not the answer and advocates for state intervention to tackle the exorbitant cost of child care.

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