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Top 10 Dangerous Cities in North Dakota Unveiled for 2024 – A Shift from Tranquility to Turmoil!

Freezing Weather or Economic Struggles? Exploring the Roots of North Dakota’s Rising Crime Rates

Beyond the Scenery: Uncovering the Hidden Dangers in North Dakota’s Cities

According to South West Journal, when you visit North Dakota it is not just about its pretty sights or cold weather. There are also places you need to be careful in. People know about mountain lions in Williston and the cold in Parshall but there are other dangers too. Some think the cold weather makes people angry while others think it is because there are not enough jobs.

Scientists collect information about crime in cities. North Dakota is one of the most dangerous states in the country with more violent and property crimes than the national average. It is very important for people in North Dakota to know about these numbers especially when they are making big decisions in life.

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Top 10 Dangerous Cities in North Dakota Unveiled for 2024 – A Shift from Tranquility to Turmoil!(PHOTO: getty images)

Beneath the Surface: A Comprehensive Look into North Dakota’s Most Perilous Cities and the Factors Contributing to their Dangerous Reputation

These surprising discoveries mean it is important to know how they found them and which places are the most dangerous. Keep watching for more information as we look deeper into the research and talk about the dangers in North Dakota even though it might seem calm and peaceful.

Top 10 Riskiest Cities in North Dakota

1. Fargo It is the biggest city in North Dakota and has lots of jobs and fun things to do but it also has some problems with crime. The chances of having your property stolen in Fargo were 1 in 28 and for violent crimes it was 1 in 217.

2. Devils Lake This city is up north and is known for its fun activities but it also has issues with crime. Devils Lake lives up to its spooky name with a big increase in violent crime. It is a sad truth that Devils Lake has the most rape cases in the state.

3. Mandan Is near Bismarck and it is getting bigger but has been more crime lately and you might think that President Lincoln would not be happy about all the crime here because this city has the fifth highest rates of murder and rape in the state.

4. Wahpeton This small town in the southeast has had some crime troubles even though it is in a quiet area. Being known for having the world’s largest catfish but unfortunately also has the fourth highest crime rate in North Dakota for 2022.

5. Williston. I is famous for its oil industry and has grown fast but there is also been more crime because of all the people moving there.

6. Bismarck. Being the capital and the second biggest city means it has lots of things to offer but it also has crime problems like any big city.

7. Grand Forks. It is where the University of North Dakota is so it is a college town with lots of students but it also has crime like other college towns.

8. Jamestown. This city in the middle of the state has a lot of history but there has been more crime there recently.

9. Valley City. It is a small town in the southeast but it still has some crime issues even though it is in a quiet area.

10. Minot. Another city affected by the oil industry and it is grown quickly  but there is also been more crime because of all the people moving there for work.

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