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TikTok in the Spotlight: House China Panel Chair Urges Biden to Reverse Course

TikTok in the Spotlight: House China Panel Chair Urges Biden to Reverse Course (Photo: Google)

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.), leader of the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), warned President Biden about the administration’s TikTok partnership. Gallagher told Fox News that Biden’s campaign joining TikTok might pose national security dangers and recommended reversing the move.

TikTok in the Spotlight: House China Panel Chair Urges Biden to Reverse Course (Photo: Google)

House China Panel Chair Urges Biden to Reverse Course

Gallagher raised worries about foreign entities controlling news media, citing the House China Panel Chinese government’s influence over TikTok, controlled by Beijing-based ByteDance. He said that Biden’s cabinet, including FBI Director Christopher Wray, has recognized TikTok as a national security threat owing to its links to the Chinese Communist Party.

The lawmaker characterized joining TikTok as a political attempt to target younger voters and progressives rather than a national security priority. Gallagher, who is not seeking reelection, suggested banning TikTok in the US completely, citing India’s successful prohibition.

Gallagher and other legislators have encouraged the Biden administration to add ByteDance to the export control list to address risks from its access to U.S. software. Gallagher said he would work with Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) to solve TikTok security problems, indicating bipartisan concern.

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Bipartisan Concerns Over TikTok’s Political Implications

Warner, like Gallagher, worried that the Chinese Communist Party may alter TikTok data and algorithms, making the site unsuitable for political activity.

Despite TikTok’s denial of a national security danger, politicians continue to seek greater regulation or a ban in the US.

As the discussion continues, the Biden administration is under pressure to reconsider its TikTok policy and act to protect national security.

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