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Montgomery County Launches Property Tax Rebate Program for Volunteer EMS and Firefighters

Montgomery County Launches Property Tax Rebate Program for Volunteer EMS and Firefighters (Photo from: WBUR)
Montgomery County Launches Property Tax Rebate Program for Volunteer EMS and Firefighters (Photo from: WBUR)

Montgomery County Board of Commissioners in Pennsylvania is set to launch a groundbreaking property tax rebate program to recognize and encourage volunteer emergency responders. The program is designed to reward active volunteers serving in fire companies and nonprofit emergency medical service (EMS) agencies within the county.

The Active Volunteer Service Tax Rebate Program is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the county and aims to recognize the invaluable contributions of emergency responders. To be eligible for the program, volunteers must have been members of a volunteer fire company or EMS agency throughout the eligibility period.

The size of the rebate will depend on the volunteer’s level of participation in emergency response calls, training, public education activities, leadership roles, and other events. Volunteers will earn points for each activity they participate in, with each activity earning them points. For instance, responding to an emergency call will accrue two points, while attending department training, certifications, meetings, fundraising events, and more will earn volunteers points.

Volunteers who accrue 50 points in a calendar year are entitled to a 25% tax rebate. Those with 100, 150, and 200 points are eligible for 50%, 75%, and 100% tax rebates, respectively. The program is expected to be available on the county’s website within the next 60 days.

Neil Makhija, Montgomery County Commissioner, said, “Today, we proudly became the largest county to provide up to 100% County property tax relief to these critical community members. Tax relief is a critical tool for us to maintain reliable emergency services for all our residents and recognize those serving the public.”

The program also acknowledges the inherent risks that emergency responders face. Volunteers who get injured while responding to, participating in, or returning from an emergency response call and have documentation from a licensed physician can receive the tax credit for up to five consecutive tax years.

Thomas DiBello, another Montgomery County Commissioner, highlighted the program’s potential to address the dwindling number of volunteer firefighters in Pennsylvania. “Offering up to a full rebate on real estate property taxes is a way to give back to those Montgomery County residents who give their time to protecting our neighborhoods. It’s also a tangible benefit of volunteering, and we hope it will inspire people to sign up with their local department.”

This initiative represents a significant step towards acknowledging the critical role played by volunteer emergency responders in maintaining public safety. Montgomery County aims to reward current volunteers and attract new individuals to these essential roles by offering property tax rebates.

The Active Volunteer Service Tax Rebate Program will be available on the county’s website within 60 days. Those interested in becoming volunteer firefighters or EMS providers can visit the Montgomery County Firefighters Association website or contact their local fire company for more information.


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