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The Top 10 Most Dangerous Towns in Delaware – Danger hides in corners!

RoadSnacks List Most Dangerous Towns in Delaware

(PHOTO: OnlyInYourState)

RoadSnacks found that Seaford is Delaware’s most dangerous town based on FBI crime data. The study investigated violent and property crime rates per capita in 21 state communities above 2,000 people. Delaware has a shocking 961 violent crime per 100,000 inhabitants and 6,251 property crime per 100,000. Delaware’s safest city is Ocean View. Delaware is also the 20th most dangerous state in the US emphasizing the need for regional crime prevention and community safety efforts.

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10 Most Dangerous Towns in Delaware


With crime rates falling, Seaford Delaware residents are cautiously optimistic. Although Seaford is the state’s third most dangerous towns locals are proud of its rich past, shown in the Seaford Museum. Many Nanticoke residents walk along the tranquil river hoping the city’s notorious crime rate will diminish.


Laurel is the most violent city, thus residents should be wary. Trap Pond State Park is a lovely escape but the town’s high burglary rate warns you to lock up.

In Dover, the state capital, property crimes are rising. Dover is Delaware’s third most deadly city despite efforts. City concerns include arson and rising theft. Tourists at Dover International Speedway should secure their belongings due to local criminality.


Georgetown’s fourth-place dangerousness ranking indicates frequent violent crime and burglary. Despite Return Day peace efforts community engagement is essential to reduce violent assault in town.


Wilmington’s crime rate is disturbing considering its vibrant Riverfront culture and entertainment. Although it has improved Wilmington which tops the state in violent and property crimes, remains a hazardous metropolitan hub.


Milford the sixth most violent city has the DuPont Nature Center. However, the city’s high theft and violent crime rates demand continual vigilance.


Property crimes and theft rank sixth in Camden’s dangerousness. Despite little violent crime visitors should remain wary in this town.


Harrington’s tiny population makes fighting crime especially violent crime. Harrington has above-average homicide and violent crime despite its size. Citizens feel safer with the city’s falling burglary rates.


Even if its dangerousness rating has improved New Castle residents still fear robbery and burglary. Despite lower violent crime, property crime threatens civic safety.


Despite its beachfront Smyrna suffers high vehicle theft and property crime. As urbanites, they learn the need of community vigilance and collaboration in combatting crime.

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