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Child Care Worker Arrested for Allegedly Abusing 6 Infants in Delaware

(Photo from: Technology Networks)

A 24-year-old former child care worker, Kayla Manuszak, was recently arrested by Delaware State Police on suspicion of physically abusing six infants under her care at the Hartly Learning Academy late last year. The arrest follows reports of alleged abuse brought to light by academy staff, prompting a thorough investigation by authorities.

 Child Care Worker Arrested for Allegedly Abusing 6 Infants in Delaware (Photo from: Technology Networks)

Child Care Worker’s Alleged Abuse

Upon receiving alerts from Hartly Learning Academy staff regarding potential abuse, Delaware State Police initiated an investigation into the actions of Kayla Manuszak, a former child care worker at the institution. Allegations suggest that between November 30, 2023, and December 4, 2023, Manuszak subjected at least six infants, aged between 5 and 14 months, to physical harm while under her supervision.

Authorities acted swiftly upon receiving reports, resulting in the arrest of Manuszak on February 8, 2024. She faces a total of 21 counts of third-degree child abuse and 14 counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Following her arrest, Manuszak was remanded to the Delores J. Baylor Correctional Institution, with a bond set at $119,000. Detectives are actively seeking to identify any additional victims who may have been subjected to similar abuse.

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Child Care Worker’s Responsibilities

Child care workers play a pivotal role in nurturing and safeguarding the well-being of the children entrusted to their care. The alleged actions of Kayla Manuszak underscore the fundamental importance of stringent hiring protocols and ongoing monitoring within childcare facilities to ensure the safety and protection of vulnerable young children.

In light of this distressing incident, communities and childcare organizations must prioritize measures to prevent such occurrences in the future. Enhanced training, stringent background checks, and vigilant oversight are essential in upholding the integrity of child care services and safeguarding children’s welfare.

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