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New Real Estate Rebate Program Offers Relief for Montgomery County First Responders!

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Montgomery County officials have introduced a fresh Real Estate Rebate Program, aiming to assist volunteer firefighters and emergency medical services (EMS) personnel. Approved unanimously at a recent county commissioners’ meeting, this initiative offers financial perks to these essential first responders through the Active Volunteer Real Estate Tax Rebate Ordinance.

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Montgomery County’s Real Estate Rebate Program: Relief for Volunteer Firefighters and EMS Teams

With about 3,000 members spread across 101 volunteer fire and EMS teams in Montgomery County, the demand for support is clear. Last year, they handled a whopping 113,000 calls for help, showing just how crucial their role is in keeping the community safe.

To cushion the blow of a 13 percent hike in real estate taxes, the county is stepping in with this Real Estate Rebate Program. For instance, on a typical single-family home valued at around $481,300, the real estate tax tab hits $818.

Jamila Winder, Vice Chairwoman of the Montgomery County Commissioners, made the program’s debut during the board conference. It’s designed to give volunteer emergency personnel and firefighters a break, slashing up to 100 percent off their local real estate tax bills, as long as they meet certain requirements. Eligible folks must own a home in Montgomery County and actively serve in a fire company or not-for-profit EMS outfit within the county, with no overdue tax bills hanging over their heads.

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Montgomery County’s Real Estate Rebate Program for First Responders

The rebate amount is calculated using a point system outlined in the ordinance. Points are awarded for different activities like responding to calls, attending training sessions, reaching out to the community, and taking on leadership roles. To qualify, volunteers need to rack up at least 50 points. The rebate percentages vary based on points: 25 percent for 50 points, 50 percent for 100 points, 75 percent for 150 points, and a full 100 percent for 200 points.

Within the next two months, all the nitty-gritty details about the Real Estate Rebate Program for eligible first responders will be available online. Anyone looking for more info can check out This move is a tangible recognition of the invaluable service provided by volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel, giving them a much-needed financial break.

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