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Beware: SNAP Benefits Scam Targets Pennsylvanians – DHS Issues Urgent Warning

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Pennsylvanians relying on SNAP benefits should remain vigilant against a growing threat – the SNAP Benefits Scam. The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) is sounding the alarm, urging recipients to be wary of phishing emails promising a “settlement payment.” This SNAP Benefits Scam involves deceptive emails originating from addresses like “[email protected].”

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Pennsylvanians Urged to Unite Against SNAP Benefits Scam – Secretary Arkoosh and Inspector General Miller Sound the Alarm

Secretary Dr. Val Arkoosh is emphatic in her warning, stating that the DHS never seeks personal information through unsolicited emails, texts, or calls. Any such request is likely part of the SNAP Benefits Scam, and recipients are strongly advised not to divulge personal information. If anyone encounters suspicious calls or texts related to DHS benefits, they should immediately report it to the DHS fraud tip line at 1-844-DHS-TIPS (1-844-347-8477) to help combat the SNAP Benefits Scam.

State Inspector General Lucas M. Miller reinforces the DHS’s commitment to safeguarding public trust in assistance programs and emphasizes the need for collective action against the SNAP Benefits Scam. Pennsylvanians are encouraged to report any attempts to exploit or steal benefits through the Office of State Inspector General’s website or by calling the Public Assistance Fraud Tipline at 1-800-932-0582.

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Unraveling the SNAP Benefits Scam – DHS Tips to Stay Secure

In light of the SNAP Benefits Scam, it is crucial to understand the characteristics of legitimate communication from DHS. Legitimate texts or calls will not disclose specific benefit amounts, request personal information, or contain links to unofficial sites. DHS messages always direct individuals to official sites ending in .gov or .org, ensuring recipients can distinguish between legitimate outreach and the SNAP Benefits Scam.

Remaining informed and cautious is the best defense against the SNAP Benefits Scam. If in doubt about the authenticity of any communication, Pennsylvanians can contact DHS’ Office of Income Maintenance for clarification. The fight against the SNAP Benefits Scam requires collective awareness, reporting, and vigilance to protect vulnerable individuals from falling victim to this deceptive scheme.

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