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China vs Boeing: The Cost of Commercial Warfare on American Foreign Policy

China vs Boeing: The Cost of Commercial Warfare on American Foreign Policy (Photo: Google)

Boeing is under FAA examination owing to quality and safety issues, according to the Wall Street Journal. Boeing also faces a tricky relationship with the CCP over the Max 8 sale.

China vs Boeing: The Cost of Commercial Warfare on American Foreign Policy (Photo: Google)

China vs Boeing

Many American business heavyweights, including Boeing’s senior vice president Stan Deal, dined with Chinese President Xi Jinping before the November APEC conference. The CEOs requested CCP guarantees on Boeing aircraft purchases and other concerns. Xi may be asking for financial aid due to China’s economic woes.

Boeing’s Max 8 has been criticized after two fatal crashes in 2018–2019. Boeing’s design decisions, driven by business goals to compete with Airbus’ A320 Neo, have been criticized. The aircraft’s aggressive automation technology used to reduce safety problems has prompted safety concerns and drawn regulatory investigation.

Boeing faces challenges, mainly from China, despite FAA recertification in 2020. The CCP unilaterally grounded the Max 8 and delayed its return. China’s impact on Boeing’s commercial operations and American foreign policy is highlighted by this circumstance.

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China vs Boeing Dilemma

Boeing’s reliance on Chinese clearance for aircraft sales shows the difficulties of international business and American corporations’ political fragility. Boeing is criticized for jeopardizing American foreign policy for commercial gain as it balances this difficult balance.

The scenario illustrates the dangers of putting profit over national integrity and losing influence to foreign forces. Boeing’s relationship with China and its pledges to safety, quality, and national security will be tested as it faces these difficulties.

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