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Americans Eligible for $3.5 Million Settlement from Milk Contamination Lawsuit – No Receipt Needed!

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In a recent development, Lyons Magnus, a well-known food service company, has settled a class action lawsuit for $3.5 million. The lawsuit alleged that the company failed to inform customers about potential bacterial contamination in some of its products, including milk. Despite denying the allegations, Lyons Magnus has agreed to the settlement to resolve the Milk Contamination Lawsuit.

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Secure Your One-Time Payment – No Receipt Needed in Milk Contamination Lawsuit!

If you purchased Lyons Magnus products between April 1, 2021, and October 27, 2022, you may be eligible for a one-time payment from the settlement fund. The settlement covers various products such as beverages, frozen desserts, syrups, and fruits. Importantly, you don’t need a receipt to file a claim. Those who bought items for personal or household use during the specified period can still participate in the Milk Contamination Lawsuit settlement.

Claimants without a receipt will receive an estimated amount based on the average retail price of up to two covered products per household, plus an additional 10 percent for sales tax. On the other hand, those with proof of purchase will receive a refund of the full purchase price of each product, along with sales tax.

The settlement regulations state that the final approval hearing is set for April 9, 2024, and that payment amounts may change based on how many claims a person files. The claim date of February 9, 2024, is drawing near quickly. To make sure you don’t lose out on this chance, you must move quickly.

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Eligible Consumers May Claim Compensation for Bacterial Contamination – Act Now Before March 13, 2024!

In a similar vein, consumers who purchased Fabuloso Multi-Purpose Cleaners between December 14, 2022, and November 14, 2023, may be eligible for compensation due to a bacterial contamination issue. The recall stemmed from a manufacturing problem, risking bacterial growth in the recalled products. Like the Milk Contamination Lawsuit, claimants can submit forms without a receipt, but having proof of purchase could potentially lead to a larger payout. The deadline for Fabuloso claims is March 13, 2024, with the final approval hearing scheduled for April 25, 2024.

These opportunities emphasize the importance of consumer awareness and timely action to secure potential compensation in product-related settlements.

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