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Biden Mistakenly Calls Macron “Mitterrand”, Who Passed Away in 1996

Biden Mistakenly Calls Macron "Mitterrand", Who Passed Away in 1996 (Photo: Google)

Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron and former French President Francois Mitterrand were confused by President Joe Biden, which proved to be a grave error.

Biden Mistakenly Calls Macron “Mitterrand”, Who Passed Away in 1996 (Photo: Google)

Biden Mistakenly Calls Macron “Mitterrand” Erroneously

Biden mistakenly calls Macron “Mitterrand” when recounting an incident during the 2021 G7 summit in England, claiming to have spoken with “Mitterrand from Germany.”

Biden was referring to Macron, the French president since 2017. French by nationality, Mitterrand passed away in January 1996. Biden made a mistake in a Las Vegas campaign address. He said that “America was back,” but he continued by discussing his conversation with “Mitterrand from Germany.”

The error attracted a great deal of attention, raising concerns about Biden’s mental state. A recent research indicated that 74.31% of respondents were either “very concerned” or “somewhat concerned” about Biden’s mental state, particularly in light of the possibility that he may seek reelection.

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After Biden accidentally refers to Macron as “Mitterrand,” the White House amends the transcript.

Following the discovery of the error, the White House made available a transcript of the meeting in which the term “Mitterrand” was mistranslated as “Macron” in quotation marks.

The incident highlights the significance of accuracy and attention to detail when speaking out in public, particularly for political leaders. Small errors might have significant consequences and raise concerns about their mental health.

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