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Anchoring Solutions: House Committee Tackles U.S. Sealift Readiness Decline

Anchoring Solutions: House Committee Tackles U.S. Sealift Readiness Decline (Photo: Google)

Rep. Mike Gallagher, head of the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party, is leading the effort to improve US sealift readiness amid escalating tensions with China. Gallagher has warned of a “screaming national security vulnerability” caused by the government-owned sealift capacity shortage.

Anchoring Solutions: House Committee Tackles U.S. Sealift Readiness Decline (Photo: Google)

House Committee Tackles U.S. Sealift Readiness Decline

The deterioration of the U.S. sealift fleet, especially the Ready Reserve, has been recognized for years. Budget restrictions have slowed efforts to fix this. If a Pacific war broke out, Gallagher noted that U.S. sealift ships would transfer 90% of American military equipment and supplies to fighting zones.

Gallagher stressed the seriousness of the issue in a letter to Transportation Command commander Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost and Maritime Administrator Ann Phillips. Despite Navy suggestions, he questions the extent and pace of efforts to buy foreign commercial boats to strengthen the military sealift fleet.

The U.S.-flag commercial marine’s shrinking to 180 vessels worsens the issue. Gallagher stressed that this is a fraction of historical levels and behind near-peer rivals.

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Gallagher’s Inquiry into Sealift Solutions and Readiness

Gallagher asked crucial questions in his letter to find solutions. He requested details on sealift restoration plans, including buying U.S. or foreign commerce ships. He considered buying merchant ships from China, the world’s largest shipbuilder, and shipowner.

Gallagher also investigated the viability of using foreign-flagged, foreign-crewed ships in wartime. He asked whether nations would help the US transfer weapons and supplies.

Gallagher’s efforts highlight the necessity of US sealift readiness to safeguard the nation’s security and military capabilities in the face of rising global tensions.

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