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Housing and Healthcare: States Leading the Way with Medicaid Innovation

Housing and Healthcare Services Across 20 States 

Housing and Healthcare Services Across 20 States. (PHOTO: Orange County Register)

According to FOX News at least 20 states in the US have changed their policies and are now putting money from housing and healthcare services. The goal of this move is to deal with the connected problems of unstable housing and health results. Supporters of the move stress the important connection between stable housing and better health.

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California’s $12 Billion Initiative Leads Housing and Healthcare Assistance Efforts as Other States Seek Similar Approvals Amidst Ongoing Debate

California is leading the way with a $12 billion plan to add housing assistance to Medi-Cal, its Medicaid program. The plan will last for five years. Oregon and New York are among the other states that are trying to get approval for more Medicaid benefits, such as helping with rent. But there are still arguments about how effective it is to deal with housing instability without also dealing with health problems that are at the root of the problem.

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Medical Community Divided Over Housing and Healthcare Assistance Efforts

Some medical professionals support the effort because stable housing has a clear effect on health, but others warn against taking resources away from problems like mental health and drug abuse that cause people to be homeless in the first place. As states try to find a balance between short-term needs and long-term answers, the conversation shows how complicated it is for Medicaid to combine health care and social services.

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