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Biden’s Immigration Deal: Threatens Border Shutdown to Push Bipartisan Immigration Deal

President Joe Biden has issued a stark request to Congress, urging the passage of a bipartisan bill aimed at addressing the immigration crisis at the southern border. Biden declared that if the proposed legislation becomes law, granting him emergency authority to shut down the border, he would act on the day of its enactment. The move comes amid intense negotiations in the Senate, where Republicans insist on linking assistance to Ukraine with substantial changes to America’s immigration and border policies.

Biden’s Stand on Border Closure

President Biden emphasizes the urgency of a bipartisan bill, highlighting it as the most robust and equitable set of reforms to secure the border in the nation’s history.

The president’s bold statement signals a philosophical shift within the administration, acknowledging the possibility of border closure as a response to overwhelming situations, further complicating delicate negotiations.

With an eye on the upcoming elections, Biden challenges Republicans to accept the deal, showcasing the critical nature of the agreement amid GOP divisions.

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Details of the Deal

A breakdown of the potential deal reveals discussions about triggers for daily border crossings, empowering the Biden administration to shut down the border between ports of entry.

The negotiators are considering triggers based on daily crossing metrics. If border encounters average 4,000 a day over a week, the DHS will gain expulsion authority. The authority would become mandatory if daily crossings exceed 5,000 people for a week or reach over 8,500 a day. This approach aims to provide a critical tool for reasserting control over the border immediately upon the law’s enactment.

The deal’s details, including Department of Homeland Security (DHS) deportation authority based on daily crossing metrics and asylum seekers’ impact, are discussed. It also explores the proposed changes for asylum seekers. While they would still be authorized to present claims at designated ports of entry, a higher standard for granting the opportunity to apply for asylum is on the table. Additionally, the deal seeks to raise the credible fear standard, making it more challenging for migrants to apply for asylum.

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