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The Unpredictable Scenarios: What Happens If Trump or Biden Drops Out of the Presidential Race?

What Would Happen in US Election if Trump or Biden Dropped Out? (Photo: Google)

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump may face off in the November 5 presidential election, but the political situation remains unknown.

What Would Happen in US Election if Trump or Biden Dropped Out? (Photo: Google)

Potential Hurdles and Complexities in the Pre-Convention Period

Trump has a significant Republican advantage and no major Democratic competitors to Biden. Still, legal issues and questions about the politicians’ ages cloud the contest. Trump’s 91 felony charges and likely criminal trial this year complicate the electoral storyline. Both candidates are prone to health difficulties at 77 and 81, raising doubts about the consequences of their withdrawal.

The time between January 15 and the July and August 2024 party conventions might need help. Some states may change filing deadlines and primary dates if either candidate drops out. Democrats may consider expanding the candidate pool due to Biden’s lack of credible opponents. The procedure is complicated by modifying ballots and facilitating early voting, which may require emergency state law modifications. Conventional nominations, when candidates need a lot of delegates, may produce surprising candidates.

Each party has its regulations for changing candidates during this time. Emergency state legislation amendments may be needed to replace the candidate on the ballot. Even if not running, the substitute candidate must be the party’s finest standard bearer.

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 Navigating Electoral Ambiguities and Potential Turmoil Beyond the Electoral College Meeting

On December 17, electors choose the president and vice president. The vice president-elect is not automatically the successor if either candidate becomes disabled or dies. If electors cannot agree on a new candidate, a House-Senate “contingent election” would be held.

The processes became murkier between the Electoral College meeting and congressional certification and beyond that until Inauguration Day. Legal and political problems may occur if election results are disputed. The January 6, 2021, Capitol siege shows the possibility of instability.

The vice president-elect would be inaugurated as president on January 20, 2025, if the president-elect dies or becomes incompetent after Congress confirms the election. The nation prepares for a complex and prolonged process, which raises the need for solid contingency measures to handle legal and political upheaval.

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