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Homeless People in Oklahoma Will be Ticketed in New Prohibition Set by Oklahoma City Commissioners 

Homeless People in Oklahoma (Photo: KOKH)

Shawnee Board of City Commissioners plans to ticket homeless people in Oklahoma prohibiting them from sleeping outside, lying down, and sitting down in the downtown area.

Homeless People in Oklahoma (Photo: KOKH)

Town Plans to Ticket Homeless People in Oklahoma

According to the Messenger, the board of city commissioners in Oklahoma City has approved an ordinance that would ticket and fine homeless people in Oklahoma.

According to the Shawnee Board of City Commissioners, they voted 6-1 on Monday to forbid anyone from sleeping outside, lying down, sitting down, or placing items in the right-of-way in the downtown area.

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New Ordinance for Homeless People in Oklahoma to Make the Town Safer

According to FOX23, the new ordinance voted by the city commissioners is called “Sit/Lie”, it is an ordinance to make the city safer for both townies and visitors. However, it has been an issue for many if this new ordinance may be criminalizing homeless people in Oklahoma.

The new rule notes that an individual will only be fined after they have already been advised by law enforcement that their manners transgress the city’s ordinance.

The rule also stated that the homeless people in Oklahoma would have to be caught sleeping outdoors in an area that obstructs others, like a sidewalk in front of a business.

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