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Tucson’s Riskiest Areas Unveiled: The Definitive 2022 Guide to Neighborhood Dangers

Is Tucson a safe place? (Photo: Google)

Tucson has a high crime rate despite its beautiful surroundings and busy nightlife. This ranking of Tucson’s 10 riskiest neighborhoods includes Starr Pass, Mitman, and Avondale, as well as Palo Verde and Dodge Flower.

Is Tucson a safe place? (Photo: Google)

Exploring the City’s Riskiest Neighborhoods

Tucson, Arizona, a prominent Southwest metropolis, is known for its multiculturalism, arts, and music. Tourist-friendly, it combines spa relaxation with Southwest authenticity.

Tucson’s worst neighborhoods include:

  • Barrio Hollywood
    • Property Crime Rate: 8,268 per 100,000
    • Violent Crime Rate: 1,370
  • Mitman
    • Property Crime Rate: 10,653
    • Violent Crime Rate: 1,386
  • Avondale 
    • Property Crime Rate: 9,246
    • Violent Crime Rate: 1,398
  • Palo Verde
    • Property Crime Rate: 8,504
    • Violent Crime Rate: 1,401
  • Starr Pass
    • Property Crime Rate: 5,831
    • Violent Crime Rate: 1,425
  • Mountain View
    • Property Crime Rate: 11,177
    • Violent Crime Rate: 1,486
  • Doolen-Fruitvale
    • Property Crime Rate: 7,301
    • Violent Crime Rate: 1,535
  • Dodgeflower
    • Property Crime Rate: 9,088
    • Violent Crime Rate: 1,555
  • Amphi
    • Property Crime Rate: 12,756
    • Violent Crime Rate: 1,624
  • Blenman-Elm
    • Property Crime Rate: 5,033
    • Violent Crime Rate: 2,192

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Navigating Safety Concerns in Tucson

Safety is typically lacking in South Tucson and its surrounds. The Miracle Mile and Oracle Road south area is unpleasant. Middle- and lower-class areas surround the Air Base to the south, east, and west. Central is diversified, although adjacent areas may not be as enticing.

Tucson is the state’s most dangerous city, with 421 violent crimes per 100,000 inhabitants, greater than the national average.

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