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    Venezuelan Government Regains Control of Prison Run by Inmates, Dismantles Criminal Gang “Tren de Aragua” and Discovers Inmate-Built Amenities

    Venezuela Sends 11,000 troops to regain control of the prison from Tren De Aragua (Photo: BBC)

    Venezuelan authorities regain control of a prison previously run by inmates, dismantle the criminal gang known as “Tren de Aragua,” and uncover amenities built by the inmates.

    Venezuela Sends 11,000 troops to regain control of the prison from Tren De Aragua (Photo: France 24)

    Venezuela Prison Overrun By Criminal Gang “Tren De Aragua”

    According to CNN, Tren De Aragua, a criminal gang inside the Venezuelan prison, had formed over the years and taken control of the said prison. News reports that the criminal gang, Tren De Aragua, has built a swimming pool and several restaurants inside the prison walls in recent years.

    US State Department stated that Tren De Aragua is the most powerful criminal group as it expanded its operations worldwide in recent years, specifically in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Argentina.

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    Zambian Observer reports that the Venezuelan government has regained control of the prison overrun by Tren De Aragua.

    Reports state that the government had invited reporters to the Tocoron Penitentiary Center in Aragua State on Saturday, where Tren De Aragua was running the prison. The government security forces took back control of the jail from Tren De Aragua, who has been in charge for a long time.

    It has been reported that Tren De Aragua, a prison gang, has been completely dismantled by authorities. As a result, 80 significant members were arrested. Remigio Ceballos, the Interior Minister of Venezuela, stated that the operation was successful and that the members of Tren De Aragua have now been disbanded and removed from the prison.

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