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U.S. Warns to Terminate the Usage of Artificial Intelligence

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most transformative technologies that has occurred in recent times. (Source: My CV Creator)

As Americans study how to use artificial intelligence to improve their lives, rivals and criminal organizations are planning to exploit the technology at Americans’ expense.

Artificial intelligence is capable of doing practically anything, from recognizing patterns to producing visuals like the one shown above. (Source: ZD Net)

How to Determine the Legal and Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence

In an article published in VOA News last Monday, FBI Director Christopher Wray told a cybersecurity conference in Washington that AI is ripe for exploitation. According to Wray, criminals and hostile foreign countries are already using the technology. He stated that while generative AI might save law-abiding citizens time by automating chores, it can also make it easier for bad guys to build deepfakes and malicious code and assist threat actors in developing more powerful, sophisticated, adaptable, and scalable capabilities.

Wray said the FBI is identifying and tracking AI-using individuals who damage Americans but is wary about deploying AI itself. We’re determining how we can ethically and legally harness AI to conduct our duties at the FBI to keep ahead of the threat. The FBI refuses to discuss their AI worries with VOA. The FBI does not reveal if it has deployed AI, even partially.

However, AI is used by other US national security agencies. According to officials, the Department of Homeland Security is using artificial intelligence to combat fentanyl trafficking, child sexual exploitation, and critical infrastructure protection while drafting laws. According to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, artificial intelligence is a useful tool, and different departments must stay up with the rapidly growing technology in transparently and respectfully the privacy, civil rights, and civil freedoms of everyone we serve.

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Abuse of Artificial Intelligence Usage

DHS has also issued directives to avoid biased learning models and databases from skewing AI and to allow U.S. individuals to opt out of facial recognition systems. But the worry about artificial intelligence’s impact is spreading across U.S. departments and agencies. In July, FBI authorities warned that violent extremists and terrorists were using AI to create explosives. They stated more offenders are using the technology for small crimes and cash heists.

China is causing much of the fear. Last year, National Security Agency officials warned that Beijing began employing AI to spread propaganda via a fake news channel. “This is just the tip of the iceberg; artificial intelligence will improve malign influence operations,” said the NSA Assistant Deputy Director for China David Frederick told a cybersecurity gathering last month.

These apprehensions are bolstered by private cybersecurity firms. At the beginning of this month, Microsoft warned that cyber hackers with ties to China are using AI to create “eye-catching content” for disinformation efforts targeting voters in the United States. Microsoft has stated that they anticipate China will continue to improve upon this technology over time; however, it is unknown how or when China will implement it on a large scale.

China has often stated that it has no intention of abusing AI. After the discovery made by Microsoft, the spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy, Liu Pengyu, emailed VOA to notify that certain Western media outlets and think tanks have accused China of utilizing artificial intelligence to create false social media accounts to distribute content that is considered to be “pro-China.” These allegations contain a great deal of bias and malicious speculation directed at China, both of which China vehemently rejects.

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