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Professor Peter Feaver Says U.S. Military is Facing Recruitment and Confidence Difficulties 

Duke University's Professor Peter Feaver (Photo: Duke Today)

Professor Peter Feaver from Duke University’s Political Science Department says the U.S. military is experiencing recruitment difficulties due to several factors, including a decline in patriotism.

Duke University’s Professor Peter Feaver (Photo: Bulletin of the Atomic Science)

Military Recruitment and Public Confidence Running Short, Says Professor Peter Feaver

The Messenger reports that Professor Peter Feaver stated that the U.S. Army has been facing difficulties in recruiting new soldiers since last year.

It was noticed that the recruitment of new soldiers last year fell short of its initial goal, which was 60,000. Professor Peter Feaver says that one of the many reasons the recruitment of soldiers is declining is public confidence falling short.

Professor Peter Feaver also noted another reason – he said that the values of the young people are not in line with the current military, like patriotism.

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Professor Peter Feaver Says Falling Confidence Could Be a Crisis

The Hill reports that public confidence in the U.S. military is at its lowest in decades, resulting in recruitment struggles, which is no good for the military.

Thus, Professor Peter Feaver noted that public confidence being at its lowest would be a crisis for the U.S. military, which has been displayed given the current recruitment status falling short.

Professor Peter Feaver wrote that the military must not be complacent about its relative status as military confidence is high, nevertheless hollow, which causes public confidence to erode.

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